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Clubs & Activities

Our school offers a multitude of opportunities to students for enrichment. These opportunities are offered to all students throughout the school year. They are also offered before, during, and after school. These clubs and activities offer opportunities for all types of learners and interests.

Some of the enrichment activities offered to Sea Turtles support curriculum standards taught within the classroom. Our schoolwide enrichment model includes Brain Boosters, a thinking skills program for all students in second grade, and Superstar Math Program, a problem-solving program for all students in grades one through five. Students in our AMES program participate in two national competitions: Continental Math League and Wordmasters Challenge. All 5th grade students have the opportunity to work on the production and broadcasting of the Sea Turtle Daily News.

Some other enrichment opportunities include clubs that center around specific student interests. This includes a gardening club that works with a community mentor, a chorus club that performs both in school and in the community throughout the year, Girls on the Run which promotes physical health and also builds the self-esteem of young girls, and after school Lego club promoting STEM practices, and student ambassadors that give their time to help with different school events such as grandparents day, Veterans day, and Kindergarten orientation. 

During the year, the school also has two enrichment opportunities for all Sea Turtles, their parents, and community partners. The first is a PBL Expo, in the evening, where our students can present and show off multiple projects they have completed in their classes. They can also see what all their fellow students have been learning about and creating. In the spring, our school puts on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) evening event. This event integrates the arts with our STEM curriculum.  All students and families are welcome to attend. The teachers and different community members present a STEAM activity for the students to participate in. The students choose their activity based on what interests them the most.