Counseling Resoucres

Counseling Lessons

  • Friendship Lesson
  1. Friendship Recipe Worksheet
  2. Friendship Soup Video
  • Mindfulness Lessons
  1. Mindfullness Nature Walk (outdoor nature walk to teach mindfulness and being present in the moment.
  2. Positive Affirmations (how to make a fortune teller of positive thoughts).
  • Overcoming Stress/Anxiety Lessons
  1. Things that Make Me Stress Activity
  2. Worry Tree (Have students place "worries" on leaves and attach to tree... open a discussion to find out what they "worry" about)
  3. Coping Skills Worksheet (Identifying Positive ways to deal with stress)
  • Kindness
  1. Bucket Filler Lesson with worksheets and read alouds.
  2. Have you Filled A Bucket Today? By Carol MCloud

Counseling Resources