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5th Grade Aquatic Food Web Project with Recycled PPE

Students used their understanding of animals and ecosystems to create a food web. The project started with annotating a research article to gain a basic understanding of the parts of an ecosystem including producers, primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers and decomposers. Students then created one food chain through the ecosystem they were studying in class.

This helped prepare their food web and helped them build their understanding of how energy flows through an ecosystem. Their research continued with identifying multiple animals in an ecosystem and if the plant/animal was a producer, consumer, or decomposer. Students then used the plants and animals identified to create a food web and then a layered food web. The project was completed in STEM until they reach their flat plan where they drew the entire web. Then students worked in both STEM and Art to create the plan and layered food web project.  This project was completed using recycled PPE