We are Great and Getting Greater!


Pritchardville Elementary has been in existence since 2010 and we have enjoyed the process of establishing a culture that is conducive to students being well prepared to compete academically on a global scale and supplied with the background that will help facilitate a successful future.

Pritchardville was named as one of six LEED certified schools in the state. We received the Palmetto Silver Award for student achievement during the 2011-12 school year and  we received the Palmetto Gold Award for student achievement for the 2012-13 school year.  Pritchardville Elementary established the Advanced Mathematics Engineering and Science (AMES) Academy. We received an invitation from the White House to be honored as being a “Bronze Healthy School.”  Our “Green the Campus” campaign has grown which includes an additional cherry tree and our “Heart Harvest” grant has given us the opportunity to start a vegetable garden. We received other grants this year which have benefited our school’s student body.




PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) has continued to be a school focus this year. On a day to day basis, PVES students are expected to contribute to our school environment in a positive way. We subscribe to the contents of the Positive Behavior

Intervention Support approach. We display REACH behaviors in all parts of our day and every area of the school. Our students have exemplified REACH – They show Respect to others and themselves, give their very best Effort, display a positive Attitude, Cooperate with others and show Honesty to everyone.

Next year is proving to be a promising year. As a school, we are looking forward to expanding our engineering focus to third grade. The AMES program will continue to offer great opportunities for rigor in the classroom. We are looking to continue to stretch all of our students academically. On the last day of school a student was asked about their excitement for their summer plans. The student’s response was shockingly pleasant. He wasn’t ready for the school year to end – he stated, “I wish I had five more days.” His comment resonated from

different students. The comment lent to the idea that he and others were going to miss school. In my mind this was an indication that our mission was accomplished. A love of learning is continuing to grow and students are conforming to the image that is reflected in our school vision – “all learners will surpass expectations and compete at the highest global level.” Our staff, students and families are very special and they have manufactured an environment that is appealing to new families that move to the area and visitors that come to our school.


Academic Excellence and Positive Relationships Go Hand in Hand