South Carolina's Digital Library for Children where children can safely do research using eight different databases designed specifically for children
Designed for children by South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV), this site has a variety of activities and resources for children, many of whi
This web site has lots of resources for children that will help them find answers to their many questions on a variety of topics.
This site is where children can listen to podcasts and upload their podcasts on a kid-safe podcast site
Created for children by SCETV, this site has excellent resources and activities designed and organized for elementary, middle, and high school student
The PBS Kids site has activities - music, games, and coloring that correlate with the PBS children's television shows.
This link will allow you to search the PVE school library.
Starfall is a great site for children to practice their reading skills. Although designed for first grade students, children from Pre-K through secon
This is an online streaming video program where members of the Screen Actors Guild read childrerns books aloud. Each book includes activities and les